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Stevie D :- Watch Stevie D full movie on Project Free Tv,Wiseguys meet A Tale of Two Cities, sorta kinda, in the L.A.-set crime comedy Stevie D. Writer-director-star Chris Cordone’s highly uneven debut feature declares its budget constraints at every turn, along with its countless sources of inspiration, from Get Shorty to Pulp Fiction. As borrowed as it is, though, the high concept outshines the execution; it’s easy to see how a significantly slimmed-down and sharpened version of the overlong feature might have been a small-time contender.Cordone’s smartest move is the casting of seasoned character actors, including Hal Linden, John Aprea and Kevin Chapman (of the series Person of Interest). Chapman is especially good in the key role of Lenny, right-hand man to Aprea’s construction magnate, Angelo, and the one who cooks up the preposterous scheme that drives the action. It involves doppelgangers, both played by Cordone: the title character, who’s Angelo’s spoiled, lazy son, and his polar opposite, struggling actor Michael, as humble and kind as Stevie D is obnoxiously self-absorbed
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Comedy | Crime | Drama
Release: 25 Feb 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 7.2/10
Director: : Chris Cordone
writers: : Chris Cordone
Stars : Torrey DeVitto, Kevin Chapman, Chris Cordone