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FlypaperFlypaper :- Watch Flypaper full movie on Project Free Tv,Flypaper is a 2011 American crime comedy film starring Patrick Dempsey and Ashley Judd, and directed by Rob Minkoff.A bank is simultaneously attacked by two groups of robbers: three high-tech professionals and two rustic buffoons. One bystander is quickly shot and killed, apparently by accident, and eight hostages taken. One of the hostages, an obsessive-compulsive customer, notices several puzzling details, from which he guesses that the coincidence was intentional: the robbers (among others) were lured here, with misleading blueprints and defective equipment, so that another criminal – at the top of the FBI’s wanted list of bank robbers – could kill them to cover his own trail.The writers of the film, Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, also wrote the screenplay for The Hangover. The director, Rob Minkoff, is well known for co-directing The Lion King. Filming took place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in June 2010. The opening animatic sequence was created by Geefwee Boedoe. Boedoe had been planning to fully animate the sequence, but due to budget and because Minkoff enjoyed the animatic so much, he decided to use that in the final product.It was not critically well-received, with a 17% Rotten Tomatoes rating (only 3 of 18 critics liked it) and grossed only $1,100 total in its theatrical release at one theater on two screens with no advertising.[1] Over time, the audience ratings have trended to 41% on Rotten Tomatoes..
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Comedy |Crime | Mystery
Release: 25 Aug 2011 (Russia)
IMDB Rating : 6.4/10
Director: : Rob Minkoff
writers: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
Stars : Patrick Dempsey, Ashley Judd, Tim Blake Nelson