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Vampires: Lucas RisingVampires Lucas Rising      :- Watch  Vampires Lucas Rising  full movie on Project Free TvJason Davitt’s “Vampires: Lucas Rising” is a sequel to “Brighter In Darkness”. This is the love story between the immortals Lucas Delmore (Rhys Howells) and Toby Brighter (Dan Briggs) and their fight in the supernatural dark world of Demons and Vampires! It is one year after Lucas followed Toby into the Chaos realms to rescue him and is summoned back into the mortal world by his old friend Mikal. However it is not necessary to have seen the other film to enjoy this. This is a vampire saga and with Lucas, we have not two films in the projected trilogy.A year later, Lucas is summoned back to earth by his immortal friend Mikal to help stop Lilith, the Queen Mother of the Vampires, and her devilish plan to create a master vampire race using students from an esteemed college. With the help of a powerful witch and her coven, Lucas continues his search for his immortal lover Toby while trying to stop Lilith’s evil plan.Lucas Delmore is everything Toby has ever wanted and he is also a 1500 hundred year old vampire who takes Toby to a dark, dangerous and supernatural world. However, Toby is snatched from Lucas dragged into hell’s realm. Lucas followed in vain searching and fighting his way through the demonic hordes in the underworld.

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Release: 9 Oct 2014 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 5.5/10
Director: Jason Davitt
writers: : Jason Davitt
Stars : Rhys Howells, Dan Briggs, Abigail Law-Briggs