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Urban Cannibal MassacreUrban Cannibal Massacre :– Watch Urban Cannibal Massacre full movie on Project Free Tv,With another feature film, Rhyme Slaya, in the middle of post-production Maurice Thomas (who produces under the name J Starr) just received word that his second feature, 2013’s Meat the Jones, has been picked up for distribution by Tom Cat Films. Retitled now as Urban Cannibal Massacre, this horror film will be released on DVD this summer, but I was privy to an advanced screener so I could do a review. Here’s my thoughts having watched it in full.Urban Cannibal Massacre is written and produced by J Starr based on the screenplay by Dustin Austen and Jennifer Jeter. J Starr also serves as editor along with Rovina Moore and Austen serving as cinematographer. GDFX and RottPro Productions handled the creation of special effects. Lead and supporting cast members include Kyle Carthens, Hannah Harris, Mark Goler, Ashley Aquilla, Kimberly Deonna, LaVail Duncan, Tara Kodosky, Mia Jones, Lyle Shelley, Octavious Maximus, Lily Burube, Micah Lanier and Robert Thomas.For years the Jones’ have enjoyed an endless supply of “cattle” by feeding on the homeless people from the streets of Akron, Ohio. The Jones’s way of life is jeopardized by their daughter Kendal who is a newly converted vegan and doesn’t approve of her family’s dark, twisted ways. Kendal must decide on keeping up the family tradition or helping Ed, the new-found love of her life escape the Jones’s house of horrors, before he becomes their next meal.” – Tom Cat FilmsFor only being the second feature film in his career, I feel that J Starr took a lot of risks with the production of Urban Cannibal Massacre. I assume that there was a certain level of experimentation with camera filters, lighting and angles… most of which paid off! This was a daring effort and a triumphant pay off for J Starr, who will surely reap the benefits of his gamble. More than anything, it proves that the director is capable of greatness and should definitely be applauded for trying something different from a production standpoint. In all actuality, all of the crew members pulled their weight in making Urban Cannibal Massacre a grade A horror film. The little things like impeccable audio and beyond impressive stunt work takes Urban Cannibal Massacre out of the B-movie category and into the independent feature universe. However, I would try to keep the lighting style a little more u

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Horror | Thriller
Release: 2013 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 3.8/10
Director: : Maurice Thomas
writers: : Dustin Austen, Jennifer Jeter
Stars : Kenny Santiago Marrero, Kyle Carthens, Crissy Kolarik