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Upsidedown CrossUpsidedown Cross      :- Watch  Upsidedown Cross  full movie on Project Free Tv,d, Abused, addicted and sick: Nadine Survived the Streets, but can she survive an exorcism”Writing for Horror Society has brought about so many amazing opportunities over the last few years. I have met so many amazing people and some of them are behind several distribution companies. Now I never know what is going to show up in the mail on a day to day basis. I recently received the film Upsidedown Cross on DVD from my friends over at Alternative Cinema. I knew nothing about the film but two names really caught my eye.The first was that it was directed by William Hellfire. When I was an RA in college a group of us watched Duck: The Carbine High Massacre as part of a training exercise. The movie was pretty fucking brutal and very realistic. I soon learned that the director of that film worked on several films with Erin Brown (Misty Mundae). What a lucky mother fucker. The second name was Erin Russ who is known as the hottie that fucks Elron the robot in the West Virginia slasher Porkchop. I knew nothing about this one but I sure was excited to check it oute is a junkie that is living with a man who continues to give her the junk she craves as long as she poses nude for any man willing to pay to take pictures of her. That is until her little setup is raided by the police. She gives a detective a handy and he lets her slip out the back without getting arrested. She goes home to her mother where she learns that she has fallen on hard times and her home has been foreclosed on.She is still staying there until she is forced to leave. Nadine decides to stay with her and prepares for the sickness that is sure to follow due to lack of drugs. Her mother sees an infomercial on demon possession and calls a priest t

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Drama| Horror |
Release: 25 Sep 2014 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 6.9/10
Director: William Hellfire
writers: : William Hellfire, Mike Hunchback
Stars : Erin Russ, David Yow, Colleen Cohan