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Unlucky PlazaUnlucky Plaza      :- Watch  Unlucky Plaza  full movie on Project Free Tv,A debt-ridden restauranteur experiences a cleaver-wielding, gun-toting afternoon in Singaporean enfant terrible Ken Kwek’s social satire
Among the constant stream of in-jokes driving hostage drama Unlucky Plaza, one stands out. As the hapless and accidental captor Onassis (Epy Quizon) demands the police get him a helicopter, his captive Sky (Terence Chia) smirks and says: “Get real – this is Singapore, not the bloody Philippines. We don’t do negotiation here, we won’t turn a hostage situation into some fucking soap opera, alright?”It remains to be seen whether Singaporean policemen will do that in real life – but that’s what director Ken Kwek has done with his follow-up to his controversial and censored debut Sex.Violence.FamilyValues. For its myriad linguistic, moral and cultural transgressions previously unseen in Singaporean cinema – there’s swearing galore, a clergyman receiving oral sex and (metaphorically and literally) riotous scenes about racism in a multicultural country, Unlucky Plaza is unfortunately hampered by a sentimental narrative conveyed with small-screen aesthetics.Just as his 2013 omnibus-satire has outgrown its origins to become an establishment-defying cause celebre, Kwek’s latest (and first full-length) feature has again become a case of its reputation preceding its actual presence. Having cleared the city-state’s notoriously strict film censorship board to make its bow as Singapore International Film Festival’s curtain-raiser, Unlucky Plaza – which had its world premiere in September in Toronto – will secure local supporters aplenty for its audacious effort in exploring long-suppressed social schisms which have exploded into many a full-blown crisis over the past few years.

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Comedy | Crime | Drama
Release: 01 Aug 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 8.0/10
Director: Ken Kwek
writers: : Ken Kwek
Stars : Jeffrey Quizon, Adrian Pang, Judee Tan