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Too LateToo Late     :– Watch  Too Late full movie on Project Free Tv,Too Late is an independent drama film written and directed by Dennis Hauck. The film was shot in 35mm Techniscope in five twenty-two minute individual takes with no hidden cuts or other editing.According to the description in the 2016 Indiefest at the Roxie Theater: “A world-weary private investigator (John Hawkes) finds himself tangled up in sleazy scandal involving strip clubs, petty drug pushers, and missing girls.A competition title at the Los Angeles Film Festival, Too Late premiered at the fest in a 35mm print, the better to showcase Bill Fernandez’s sinuous camerawork through evocative locations, shifting levels of light and changing palettes. (A second screening will use digital projection.) Employing the Techniscope format, which yields 22 minutes of footage from each film roll, or twice the standard, the roving shots are a fitting visual strategy for the story of a private eye. A few ostentatious whip pans notwithstanding, they aren’t show-offy, and they push the sense of mystery.But while Hauck’s ambition and technical daring are undeniable, his approach raises the same gnawing question as do many pictures that play with technique and chronology: Do the impressive camera acrobatics and jigsawed structure enrich the storytelling or simply add complicating layers to a so-so narrative? When the narrative is a vague and unpersuasive whodunit, the answer is a little of both.Leaping backward and forward in time, the five acts reveal key moments in a case involving a missing young woman. The crime that sparks Sampson’s search is laid out in the opening, pretitle sequence, as is the heightened language that passes for conversation throughout the film. Putting a poetic spin on the tough-talking guys and dolls of yore, Hauck’s dialogue can be exceptionally sharp (an offhand reference to “Marley’s chains”) or painfully arch. Either way, it’s intended as a kind of music. Yet the film’s densely layered sound design, with diegetic music playing nearly nonstop, competes aggressively with the spoken word, undercutting involvement in the story until the final, and least stylized, scene.Hauck injects just enough weirdness to brush the cobwebs off even the most cliched of his five settings, the obligatory strip club and the well-appointed Hollywood Hills aerie. In the former — especially challenging in terms of timing and choreography — Sampson meets two beauties, one bitter (Dichen Lachman) and one openhearted (Crystal Reed), before heading next door to a music club, where he performs a doleful, lovely after-hours tune (written by Hawkes).

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Release: April 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 5.0/10
Director: Dennis Hauck
writers: Dennis Hauck
Stars : Crystal Reed, Dichen Lachman, Natalie Zea