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The ShamelessThe Shameless     :– Watch  The Shameless full movie on Project Free Tv,The Shameless (Hangul: 무뢰한; RR: Muroehan; lit. “A Bastard” or “A Rouge”) is a 2015 South Korean film starring Kim Nam-gil and Jeon Do-yeon.The police are staking out Park Joon-gil for the murder of Hwang Choong-nam, and jaded detective Jung Jae-gon is being pressured to close the case, particularly by his former superior Moon Ki-beom, who lost his badge for corruption. Joon-gil was once the mob enforcer for Jay Investment, but had fallen out of favor when he embezzled and stole the heart of Kim Hye-kyung, the girlfriend of the company’s vice president Park Jong-ho. Jay Investment representative Min Young-ki approaches Jae-gon and offers him US$5,000 to ensure that Joon-gil is maimed during the arrest as payback. Jae-gon reluctantly agrees, but a botched arrest sends Joon-gil on the run, and Jae-gon decides the best way to find him again is by sticking with Hye-kyung, hoping she will lead him to the fugitive. Hye-kyung now works as a bar hostess to pay off her substantial debt to Jong-ho, and Jae-gon threatens his way into an undercover job as a floor manager at the nightclub she works at. Introducing himself as Joon-gil’s former cellmate Lee Young-joon, Jae-gon begins to spend time with the suspicious Hye-kyung and gradually wins her trust. But when Joon-gil returns asking Hye-kyung for money for a potential deal, Jae-gon’s newfound feelings of love and jealousy rise to the surface.described it as a “hardboiled romantic noir thriller.The Shameless made its world premiere in the Un Certain Regard section of the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.This is the second film Oh Seung-uk has directed, 15 years after his directorial debut Kilimanjaro (2000).[5] Oh was a prominent screenwriter in the 1990s, having written Green Fish (1997) and Christmas in August (1998)

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Release: 27 May 2015 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 6.0/10
Director: Seung-uk Oh
Writers: Seung-uk Oh
Stars : Do-yeon Jeon, Nam-gil Kim, Sung-woong Park