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The PurgationThe Purgation :- Watch The Purgation full movie on Project Free Tv,However, as you can imagine, things quickly go downhill once they start to poke around. The apparition of a nurse, named Sister Agnes, (who could be very reminiscent of those in Silent Hill, if it was really low budget) chases them around in the dark, growling as she goes. Of course, they’re unable to escape, and each of the children is cornered, alone. It seems as if they’ve met their maker, but that would be far too easy. They survive, but we only see what happens to Iris at this point – she’s found unconscious at the entrance to the asylum by Eddie, who carries her to safety (having seemingly forgotten about the other children, one of whom is her younger brother). And that’s where The Purgation probably should have ended. But Chu is a cruel mistress.Cut to some years in the future, and Iris (played as an adult by Tiffany Kieu) is still an inspiring filmmaker; this time, however, she’s working on a television show (the film’s summary says that it’s something similar to Ghost Hunters, but the nature of the show is never mentioned explicitly during The Purgation – you just have to make a guess based on context clues). She’s returning to Black Falls to find out what really happened to her as a child, and her co-worker, Jacob (Corey Fabyan) is excited to finally get some decent footage for their show. Iris was clearly messed up by her experience – she’s often shown taking medication and hallucinating about things that are vaguely related to the asylum – but I’m not sure how she thinks revisiting it is going to help her. But whatever. Without nonsensical motives like that, films like these wouldn’t exist.

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Drama | Horror | Thriller
Release: 02 April 2015 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 5.0/10
Director: Elaine Chu
writers: : Elaine Chu
Stars : Tiffany Kieu, Kat Johnston, Kate Dauphin