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the maidThe Maid:- Watch The Maidfull movie on Project Free Tv,Jamie Lloyd is not the first director to cast black actors as Jean Genet’s murderous maids. In doing so, he directly contravenes the playwright’s advice. Genet warned against flattening a slippery examination of identity into a straightforward condemnation of society’s racism — and that’s exactly what happens here. Lloyd’s production, which stars Uzo Aduba (“Orange is the New Black”), rising British star Zawe Ashton and Laura Carmichael of “Downton Abbey,” plugs the play into contemporary American politics, but loses the things that makes it so rich, potent and unsettling in the process.Genet’s story jumps off from the real-life case of the Papin sisters, Christine and Léa, who, in 1933, murdered their mistress and her adult daughter with a hammer. It became a society scandal, as shocking because of their gender as because of their jobs. To some they became a symbol of social upheaval; to others, a psychological case study.Written ten years later, “The Maids” turns the murder into a ritual on repeat. Whenever their mistress leaves the house, Genet’s maids — renamed Solange (Aduba) and Claire (Ashton) — take turns dressing in her clothes, adopting her mannerisms and ordering one another about. It’s a warped routine, glinting with sadomasochism, powerplay, envy and self-loathing and it ends, again and again, in a fanciful enactment of revenge. The oddity is heightened by the language, a spew of

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Release: 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 5.7/10
Director: Darin Scott
Writers: Christine Conradt
Stars : Kathryn Newton, Tom Maden, Fay Masterson |