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The Killer Robots! Crash and BurnThe Killer Robots! Crash and Burn :– Watch The Killer Robots! Crash and Burn full movie on Project Free Tv,Musicians that make movies starring themselves isn’t exactly a new thing, with many high-profile acts creating movies that showcase their music, often loosely cobbled together to form a plot. Many of these films are decidedly silly and abstract, basically long music videos to promote a new release. Some though have become iconic movies that are now beloved for their creativity and imagination. Think of The Beatles Yellow Submarine or The Who‘s Tommy, both of which used the band’s music to tell visually arresting stories. Others have come close or fallen into oblivion. Now we have The Killer Robots! (the ‘!’ is part of the name) a band that you could be forgiven for not knowing, though they’ve been making entertainment for more than a decade.You’ll notice the odd phrasing, “making entertainment” in the previous sentence. I’ll try and explain. Formed in late 2004, the members of the theatrical band, self-proclaimed fans of music, comic books, and science fiction, produce multimedia projects, live shows, and films. Their stage personas are that of robots. They released their first feature-length film in 2009, called The Killer Robots and the Battle for the Cosmic Potato, which right away gives you the tone and sense of humor these talents are shooting for. It was a mix of crude computer animation and live-action that is certainly creative, if not inspired.Now comes The Killer Robots! Crash and Burn. Keeping with the same style as their previous movie, things have definitely been upgraded. The computer animation, effects, attention to detail and writing, have all improved. The movie, no matter one’s taste for the genre, is a wildly creative and visually captivating experience. Like a big-budget video game cut-screen come to life, it offers a feast for the eyes and never stops finding ways to be imaginative. To that end, and with a nod of respect, their costumes, the sets, the creatures and more are all handmade out of recycled plastics and toy parts. It’s a stretch to lump Star Wars into this conversation, and don’t mistake this as a comparison, but back in the 1970s before that franchise exploded, those visual effects teams were doing the same thing.

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Action | Comedy | Adventure
Release: 15 July 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 5.1/10
Director: Sam Gaffin
Writers: Sam Gaffin
Stars : Shawn C. Phillips, Jenna Hellmuth, Mike McGowan