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The Fall Of The KraysThe The Fall Of The Krays :- Watch The The Fall Of The Krays on Project Free Tv,Simon Cotton as Ronnie Kray and Kevin Leslie as Reggie Kray, picks up the story of the infamous Firm as the sanity of the two brothers bring uncertainties to their business plans . now with their empire in place, the brothers must now fight to keep hold of both as the obsession of one police officer becomes undeceived by the dangerous state of mind for Reggie and Ronnie respectively. Both of these films were dreadful. In the 2nd film when Cornell got shot by Ron where was the jukebox the sun ain’t gonna shine anymore was playing when that happened but not in the film. The boys who played them were awful never looked like the twins at all. I have followed the twins and worked alongside Charlie Kray. I knew the krays through writing to them . I have read the books. Maybe the person who did this film should have done the same. NOT A PATCH ON TOM HARDY’S VERSION WHICH IS THE BEST EVER KRAY FILM. If you think different fair enough but everyone has there right to have an opinion and that is my total opinion. I thought the original Kray film was good but Tom Hardy is the best by farWhen Nipper Read assembles his task force to go after the firm,in the background on the wall are mugshots of Jack ‘The Hat’ McVitie, Frank Mitchell, and George Cornell. At this point Jack was still alive, and thus his picture shouldn’t have been up there alongside the other murder victims. When Nipper Read is assembling his team in the background on the wall are pictures of the real Jack McVitie,Frank Mitchell,and George Cornell,along with actual Autopsy pictures of George Cornells’ fatal gunshot wounds.

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Release: 1 January 2016 (UK)
IMDB Rating : 4.1/10
Director: Zackary Adler
Writers: Ken Brown, Sebastian Brown
Stars : Alexa Morden, Simon Cotton, Kevin Leslie