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The CaretakerThe Caretaker :- Watch The Caretaker full movie on Project Free Tv,Watching the trailer is always a good indication for most movies, but The Caretaker delivers so much more than you would expect. Of course, the one thing from the trailer that you will get to enjoy, is Sondra Blake playing her heart out as the older lady with shady intentions.To be fair, I have to admit that I first thought the supporting character of August was annoying and preppy in the worst way. He plays the boyfriend of the old lady’s grand daughter, so he’s a pretty big part of the story. As it turns out, he is actually a very interesting character and Sean Martini portrays him perfectly. So much so, that I almost felt bad for disliking him at first.What I really took away from watching The Caretaker is the fact that a great story or great characters can carry a movie, but when you have both, the magic begins to happen. There’s no huge budget behind this movie, but you won’t think about that while watching it. Both sound and images are crisp, so your focus will remain on the story.’ll gladly rave about the good story, interesting characters and perfect pace of The Caretaker, but really, you should watch this movie for Sondra Blake. There’s a scene where she’s just dancing around in some sort of trance, and I could’ve watched that for the longest time. She is so damn intense and honest, which will freak you out! She’s the biggest sweetheart towards her grand daughter, Mallorie, while almost hissing at the boyfriend. And she’s not some creeper pretending to like him, when Mallorie is there. Oh no, she’s pretty brutal and direct all the time.

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Horror | Thriller
Release: 30 September 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 4.5/10
Director: : Jeff Prugh
writers: : Jeremy Robinson
Stars : Meegan Warner, Sondra Blake, Sean Martini