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The BindingThe Binding   :- WatchThe Binding full movie on Project Free Tv,he Binding of Isaac is a hauntingly beautiful, disgusting yet addictive roguelike experience. This game genuinely creeps me out, but not because it’s actually scary. The game is uniquely dark, featuring heavy biblical undertones and demonic creatures throughout the game. These themes are based on real religious ideas and stories, like the seven deadly sins, the four horsemen, and even Satan himself. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth was wonderfully disturbing, and horrifyingly addictive. Its newest expansion, Afterbirth, deepens the eerie experience of Isaac tenfold, improving your journey through the basement in every way fathomable.Part of the beauty of The Binding of Isaac is the “I wonder what else is out there” feeling of exploration and discovery. Each journey through the basement would be unique to others due to the randomization of enemies, bosses, and the hundreds of items present in the base-game. Afterbirth adds 120 new items to the already extensive list, plus new level variations for each floor type, a ton of new and altered bosses and enemies, new characters (But shh, one is secret), new character mutations, and a brand new way to experience Isaac: Greed Mode, which I personally believe is the perfect way to learn how to optimize the infinite combinations of items and consumables.Greed Mode is, in my opinion, the best way to improve at The Binding of Isaac. By no means is it easy, but it strips the regular Isaac experience down to a straightforward survival mode. In Greed Mode, players survive against ten waves of enemies per floor, which is perfect for honing combat skills and memorizing enemy attack patterns to better avoid damage—a crucial skill for any Platinum God-to-be. Greed Mode consists of only a handful of rooms, each featuring an assortment of helpful items. Each floor has just ONE ROOM for Isaac to take on the horde of demonic creatures and small, annoying poops, and upon defeating each wave, players will earn a handsome amount of pennies that can be splurged in the shop attached to each floor. I hadn’t spent quite as much time with Rebirth as I would have liked due to the intimidating difficulty the game is known for. Afterbirth’s Greed Mode was the perfect way for me to practice, because after each wave of enemies I would be able to purchase new items to help me take on the foes to come. Experimentation is encouraged and necessary in Greed Mode, and it’s more easily accessible than ever due to the vast selection of items in the shop. Within one or two (dozen) tries, I found myself face-to-face with the Ultra Greed, one of the toughest bosses Afterbirth has to offer, and the kingpin of Greed Mode. Despite certain failure, my numerous attempts and masterful collection of items gave me the edge I needed to complete Greed Mode, unlocking more items and content in the process.

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Horror | Drama | Thriller
Release: 2015 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 5.1/10
Director: Gus Krieger
Writers: Gus Krieger
Stars : Max Adler, Larry Cedar, Kate Fuglei