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The BanditThe Bandit     :- Watch  The Bandit full movie on Project Free Tv,You don’t have to dig too deep beneath its fan-pleasing veneer of nostalgic celebration to discern an intriguingly serious subtext in “The Bandit,” Jesse Moss’ behind-the-scenes account of the making of “Smokey and the Bandit,” the improbably successful and enduringly popular action-comedy that was the No. 2 box office smash (surpassed only by “Star Wars”) of 1977. Indeed, even those who remain immune to the yee-haw appeal of the earlier film — which, it should be noted, still commands a loyal following of repeat viewers on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line — may be drawn to this gently probing documentary by Moss’ perceptive examination of the relationship between the two prime movers behind the ’77 project: Burt Reynolds, then a superstar with enough muscle to get pet projects greenlit, and his longtime friend Hal Needham, a daredevil stuntman who relied on his buddy’s help to make his feature-film directorial debut. After a run on the fest circuit and airdates on Country Music Television, this CMT-produced pic will get plenty of mileage in ancillary platforms.Needham passed away in 2013 — one year after receiving a Governor’s Award from the Motion Picture Academy — but he’s well represented here through the affectionate testimony of his son, David Needham, and in a wealth of archival interviews and film clips. Broadcast journalists may giggle, or shudder with a shock of recognition, when they see Needham’s 1977 chat with a TV ditz who refers to the movie as “Smokey and the Bear,” and clearly has little idea just what Needham had to do with itReynolds is alive, reasonably well, and engagingly candid in newly filmed conversations, though he, too, pops up frequently in period interviews (including a not-entirely-comfortable ’70s chat with Barbara Walters) and excerpts from his early film and TV work. Of particular interest in the context of this doc: a clip from a classic “Twilight Zone” segment in which Reynolds — often heard here talking about his hunger for “serious” roles — does a hilarious comic take on Marlon Brando (whom Reynolds recalls as being rudely dismissive during their only real-life encounter).Moss adroitly intertwines material about these two men, clips and production footage from “Smokey and the Bandit,” and animated interviews with other interested parties — including veteran stuntmen Gary Combs and Billy Burton, producer Robert L. Levy, “Bandit” co-star Paul Williams, and Hollywood gray eminence Albert S. Ruddy — to entertainingly chronicle the making of an unlikely blockbuster.

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Release: 12 March 2016 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 7.5/10
Director: Jesse Moss
writers: : Jesse Moss
Stars : Mike Henry, David Needham, Hal Needham