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The Apostle Peter RedemptionThe Apostle Peter Redemption :– Watch The Apostle Peter Redemption full movie on Project Free Tv,arents need to know that Peter: The Redemption is a feature-length tale that takes place in the palace of Nero, Emperor of Rome, decades after Jesus’s death. Peter, now an elderly man, is the foremost “rabbi” who preaches Christianity and leads an ever-growing group of those who follow the word of Jesus. Christian precepts are integral to the story. Based on early writings and biblical references, the film expands upon events from the onset of Peter’s imprisonment to his crucifixion to detail the challenges Christians faced in their devotion to their newfound faith. A series of violent events (flogging, stabbing deaths, as well as two bloody crucifixions) are used to illustrate anti-Christian sentiment and Nero’s relentless evil. Some of the action (i.e., burning and torture), takes place just off camera; to make the resulting agony clear, sounds of terror, pain, and helplessness are frequently heard in the background. Nero is also portrayed in several scenes as a sexual predator as he attempts to corrupt a beautiful servant girl.Tormented by his denial of Christ, Peter spent his life attempting to atone for his failures. Now as he faces certain death at the hand of Nero, will he falter again, his weakness betray him or will he rise up triumphant in his final moment?dripping out of their red, red-stained mouths.
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Release: 2016 (Canada)
IMDB Rating : 5.2/10
Director: Leif Bristow
writers: : John Patus
Stars : John Rhys-Davies, Stephen Baldwin, Bobbie Phillips