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The Adventures of Panda Warrior The Adventures of Panda Warrior :- Watch The Adventures of Panda Warrior full movie on Project Free Tv,Hollywood is completely banking on remakes and reboots of old and beloved movie titles, but in China, there is a completely different kind of game. An animated film from the Asian country is flying to the United States later this year, and it features a familiar hero.The Adventures of Panda Warrior” (“Adventures of Jinbao” in China), from the title alone, revolves around a panda who knows his way around a brawl. He and a group of warriors will be tasked to save their kingdom from evil. If this vaguely sounds familiar, it is because the movie is a knock-off of Jack Black’s 2008 movie “Kung Fu Panda.”It is not exactly surprising that the movie franchise is getting knock-offs from studios trying to ride the success of this year’s “Kung Fu Panda 3.” The third film to the epic series of Po earned over $142 million in the U.S. alone and over $374 million on foreign markets, according to the numbers posted by Box Office Mojo.But, KidzWorld reported that the movie centered on Patrick, a soldier from ancient China who was inexplicably and magically transported to Merryland where he became a fighter panda. He joined forces with a slew of other warrior animals such as Peggy the flying pig, King Leo the courageous lion and GoGo the daring goat to free the animal kingdom from the tyranny of the powerful nine-headed snake who has enslaved its people.It might not have the star status of Angelina Jolie voicing a tiger, but the animated movie that will be released by Lionsgate will be voiced by several American stars such as Rob Schneider (Patrick), Haylie Duff (GoGo), Norm MacDonald (Leo), Tom Kenny and Lauren Elizabeth (Peggy). The DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Copy will be available by Aug. 2.In an e-mail published by Birth Movies Death, Lionsgate introduced “The Adventures of Panda Warrior” as a “nonstop fun” and “family friendly” movie. It also received the DOVE Family Seal of Approval.

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Release: 02 August 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 7.6/10
Director: N/A
Writers: N/A
Stars : Haylie Duff, Tom Kenny, Lauren Elizabeth Luthringshausen