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Tear Me ApartTear Me Apart      :– Watch  Tear Me Apart  full movie on Project Free Tv,It’s always admirable to see a debut feature from not only a first-time director but also a largely inexperienced cast and crew, particularly when the film in question is making a very concerted effort to break from the norm and present something unique and challenging. That having been said, when aiming to present a fresh, individual and uncompromising vision, it rather helps if the film and its makers actually have something interesting to say, and a compelling story to tell. Sadly, this is not the case in Tear Me Apart, the first film from director Alex Lightman and the bulk of his young cast. It’s a handsomely made film for certain, making good use of an enormously picturesque Cornish backdrop, and its minimalist take on post-apocalyptic drama is intriguing at first; but as it trudges along, initial intrigue soon gives way to tedium.Alfie Stewart and Frazer Alexander play two adolescent brothers who live together in a cave on the seafront, in the wake of some sort of cataclysm which seemingly wiped out most of the world’s population – most significantly women, of whom it’s thought there are none left at all. The brothers live in wait for their father, who left them some time ago in search of civilization. Living entirely without electricity or technology (matches are the best it gets, and the brothers treat those like gold dust), their day to day life centres almost entirely on finding food; and, under the belief that all fruits and vegetables are poisonous, they spend their time casting nets into the surf for fish, and laying traps for animals in the nearby fields. None of this yields great results, and as such the younger brother (Stewart) tends to kill and eat any men that cross their path.Things change when the brothers encounter something they never anticipated: a young woman (Jennie Eggleton). Initially bemused, the brothers proceed to take her prisoner and drag her back to their cave. Of course, having a third party in their midst – one who just might be the last female left in existence – has an inevitable impact on the group dynamic. But they don’t have too long to worry about the Yoko factor, as it soon comes to light that a group of elder ravagers is after them all.

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Horror | Romance | Thriller
Release: 31 October 2015 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 7.1/10
Director: Alex Lightman
writers: : Tom Kerevan
Stars : Alfie Stewart, Frazer Alexander, Jennie Eggleton