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Sundown Sundown      :– Watch   Sundown  full movie on Project Free Tv,With rapidly fading hopes of grabbing the attention of teens gearing up for summer vacation, Mexican-produced R-rated comedy Sundown from Lionsgate-Televisa’s Pantelion Films inexplicably turns up weeks after the peak of Spring Break season. Even worse than the mishandled timing, the film’s uninvolving premise, recycled plot and stock characters assure its swift disappearance from theaters prior to locking in a late-night slot on some undiscriminating premium cable network.Also known by its cheeky Mexican title Guatdefoc, Fernando Lebrija’s second feature attempts to create a believable bromance between high-school seniors and electronic dance music fans Logan (Devon Werkheiser) and Blake (Sean Marquette), best buds whose constant one-upsmanship results in any number of ill-considered schemes. While his parents are out of town on vacation, Logan decides to bail on his housesitting responsibilities and head down to Puerto Vallarta for Spring Break after Blake persuades him to pursue his mega-crush Lina (Sara Paxton) south of the border. Logan’s secret weapons to persuade her to finally give him some face time are his father’s Rolex Submariner, which he “borrows” for the trip, and a custom dance track that he’s created on his home mixing deck and saved on a USB drive.Once they arrive, however, they’re denied a hotel room after Blake’s booking turns out to be a bogus ripoff, but with the help of overly friendly, English-speaking cab driver Chuy (Silverio Palacios), they’re soon installed in a storage area in the hotel basement. On the streets and beaches of Puerto Vallarta the party is raging, with an endless supply of booze and bikini-clad babes to distract the pair. It’s all great material for Blake, who’s shooting footage of wet T-shirt contests and topless women on his phone for his raunchy website. At night the clubs are filled with pulsating EDM beats provided by the likes of world-class DJs Paul Oakenfold, Adrian Lux and Steve Aoki, making for an almost perfect setting for Logan, if only he could find Lina. Once she does turn up, she’s barely sober enough to stand, foiling his plan to charm her out of her tight red dress.

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Action | Comedy | Romance
Release: 22 April 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 6.2/10
Director: Fernando Lebrija
writers: : Fernando Lebrija, Miguel Tejada-Flores
Stars : Devon Werkheiser, Sean Marquette, Silverio Palacios