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Summer CampSummer Camp    :- Watch Summer Camp  full movie on Project Free Tv,The popularity of the undead has spread like a virus in recent years, but with so many zombie movies out there, how do filmmakers keep those rotten corpses fresh for public consumption? For decades, zombie films stuck to the tried and tested formula of George A. Romero’s iconic shambling hordes, but these days, we now have corpses that can run, jump and even swarm over barricades like insects. Some are intelligent, some share a hive mind and then there are those who act out of sheer unstoppable rage.‘Rage’ zombies became prevalent after the success of 28 Days Later, but Spanish horror Rec gave Danny Boyle’s classic a run for its money just a few years after. Unfortunately, the sequels inevitably diminished in quality, but those looking for a zombie fix in the vein of this killer franchise need look no further. The team behind Rec are back with Summer Camp, the directorial debut of screenwriter Alberto Marini.The influence of Rec can be felt throughout the story of camp counsellors infected by a mysterious, rage-inducing virus, but Summer Camp is far more original in its approach than that would suggest. Initially, creepy hillbillies in the woods and sexual chemistry between the four young leads all screams ‘generic horror’, but Marini pruposely misleads his audience in this manner, turning conventions on their head once the true nature of the infection is revealed.After Maiara Walsh’s character contracts the infection and terrorises the surviving counsellors, Will (Diego Boneta) finally gains the upper hand when the unthinkable happens. Without a cure or help of any kind, the infection suddenly subsides naturally on it’s own, that is, until the other counsellors each become enraged in turn.Just like that, a fairly generic zombie infection movie subverts everything you thought you knew, developing into a brutal game of cat and mouse where the victims become monsters in a heartbeat. Constantly switching these roles successfully sustains tension for the entirety of Summer Camp’s running time, keeping audiences guessing throughout.As the premise would suggest, gore features regularly in Summer Camp and fortunately, Marini doesn’t disappoint in this regard. The numerous death scenes are satisfyingly gruesome without descending into the gorenography popularised by films like Saw and the mechanics of each attack are refreshingly inventive. Sound is also key for horror films of this type, so Marini wisely uses music sparingly, building more tension when it does come into play.The supporting characters of Summer Camp remain on the periphe

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Release: 10 June 2016 (Spain)
IMDB Rating : 5.4/10
Director: Alberto Marini
Writers: Alberto Marini
Stars : Diego Boneta, Jocelin Donahue, Maiara Walsh