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Suits Season 6 Episode 5Suits Season 6 Episode 5 “Trust ”:- Watch Suits Season 6 Episode 5 “Trust ” on Projectfreetv,”The plan to get Mike out early becomes more complicated when Harvey and Sean Cahill become opposing counsel. Rachel needs a new sponsor for her death row case. Louis needs Donna’s help buying a summer home to get a woman. Harvey and Sean Cahill launch a plan to get Mike to take a deal, but Harvey calls an audible at the last minute. Rachel takes a case involving a death row inmate. Jessica steps in to settle a dispute between Louis and their new tenant. Jessica wants Harvey to meet with a potential client but Harvey doesn’t like the man. Jessica tells him he needs to land a (wealthy) client and he decides to pursue Nathan Sutter who makes Harvey jump through hoops and tells him when they should meet and if he’s late he’s out. But Harvey goes to see Mike and is late. But Harvey tries to find a way to get him to reconsider. And Jessica tells Louis to lease out the space but he doesn’t like the ones he meets. Eventually he leases to an investment company because the guy he meets with is up to his standards but he realizes that he sends someone else whom Louis clashes with. Mike tries to find a way to deal with Gallo. Rachel is attacked by another student in law school. Every episode in season six has been better than the last. The prison story is picking up in pace and becoming more interesting as more elements are introduced. We also got to see an interesting story line with Rachel at her law firm. Kevin and Julius Rowe have been great, interesting and well written characters so far adding interesting elements. Also, the introduction of William Stutter was very good, reminding me of Charles Forstman, who i think was one of the best characters on the show. Mike is less annoying, and the Louis-Donna relationship is very entertaining. However, i wish the Donna-Harvey relationship would become the same as before rather than most of their conversations being arguments.

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Comedy, Drama
Release: 3 August 2016
IMDB Rating : 8.6/10
Director: Kate Dennis
Writers: Aaron Korsh (created by), Rick Muirragui
Stars : Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Rick Hoffman