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Suits Season 5 Episode 3Suits Season 5 Episode 3 :  Mike takes the prison deal that Anita Gibbs offered him, provided she doesn’t go after Harvey or any of the other partners at Pearson Specter Litt. Harvey tracks down the foreman of the jury to know what the verdict was going to be. He learns that Mike was found not guilty, but chooses not to tell Mike the truth, thereby saving him the pain of knowing he made the wrong decision. Mike & Rachel decide to get married the following day, but Mike refuses to marry her in the end, telling her that, if she wants to, they can revisit it when he gets out. Meanwhile, Harvey tries to find a way to nullify the deal Mike made with Anita Gibbs, but fails. He then decides to hand over the case files for Liberty Rail, telling Gibbs that she can prosecute a murderer in exchange for Mike not going to prison. Gibbs rejects the proposal, saying Harvey should do the right thing and get the case prosecuted anyway instead of using it as a bargaining chip. Jessica, Louis, and Donna return to the office the next day and find that all the employees are gone after a previous deal went awry. In the last scene, Mike is seen entering the prison gate.The series revolves around corporate lawyer Harvey Specter and his associate attorney Mike Ross who, between the two of them, have only one law degree.Harvey meets Charles Barkley in “Suits” Season 5, episode 3. Barkley tells Harvey if he is kidding him. However, Harvey looks confident about his proposal. Meanwhile, Harvey tells Mike that if he wants to go he can go. Jessica suggests Harvey that he must get a grip. Before the promo ends, Harvey is seen collapsing in his office and Mike runs to call 911.”Harvey brings in star power to help with his ongoing conflict with Jack; and Mike adds Robert Zane as co-counsel in a case. In other events, Jessica mediates between Mike and Zane; and gives Rachel an unusual assignment,” reads the synopsis for “Suits” Season 5, episode 3 shared by can watch “Suits” Season 5, episode 3 online via live stream, here. The episode airs Wednesday, July 8, 2015.

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Comedy | Drama
Release: 08 July 2015 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 9.1/10
Director: Anton Cropper
Writers: Aaron Korsh
Stars : Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Rick Hoffman