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StreetStreet:- Watch Street full movie on Project Free Tv,A Kansas woman travels to the east coast to start a new life. About to start her dream job, she moves into a new apartment and quickly befriends her neighbors. However, unusual activity at the house across the street makes her wonder if moving there was a big mistake. Starring Jessica Sonneborn, Eric Roberts and Ethan Embry.Admirable in its avoidance of cheap shocks and jump scares, Arthur Luhn’s The House Across the Street is a reasonably effective B-movie thriller that succeeds in maintaining interest throughout its fast-paced 90 minutes. Although this low-budget effort is unlikely to attract much theatrical interest, it may scare up decent VOD business thanks to its genre-worthy title (also used for a 1949 Warner Bros. programmer) and the presence of such familiar faces as Ethan Embry (TV’s Once Upon a Time) and that exploitation movie stalwart Eric Roberts. Nostalgia buffs will also get a kick out of the appearance by Alex Rocco, aka Moe Green in The Godfather.Set in an unspecified suburban town, the plot revolves around Amy (Jessica Sonneborn), fresh from Kansas, who rents an apartment in a cul-de-sac from the eager Tom (Embry). Reassured by her elderly neighbor (Rocco) that “nothing ever happens here,” she soon discovers that’s not exactly true, as she almost immediately witnesses the hit-and-run killing of an old woman who had been screaming at, yes, the house across the street.

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Release: 30 October 2015 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 5.5/10
Director: Bradford May
Writers: Brandi Ellis, Tye Lombardi
Stars : Beau Casper Smart, Kate Miner, Shashawnee Hall