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Second SightSecond Sight :– Watch Second Sight full movie on Project Free Tv,Second Sight was being produced around the time of the 1988 Writers Guild of America strike, which led to problems with both the script and the cast. Filming was done in Boston, Massachusetts.[1] Bronson Pinchot spent about three months meeting with psychics to research for the part, largely with one who was retained by writer Patricia Resnick as a technical advisor for the film.[2] Pinchot said he found that most of them were very straightforward, intelligent and normal people, unlike the quirky and weird character he planned to play; Pinchot said the research was nevertheless helpful in determining how to play the part differently than actual psychics.Pinchot was directed to other psychics by actress Shirley MacLaine, who is well known for her beliefs in new age spirituality and reincarnation; a photo of MacLaine was hung in the bedroom wall of Pinchot’s character as an homage. In the middle one of his research sessions, Pinchot collapsed, which doctors said was due to exhaustion but the film’s psychic technical advisor believed was due to his response to the extra-sensory perception and hypnosis he had been exposed to over a long period of timeOne psychic Pinchot talked to would randomly begin speaking in tongues repeatedly during conversations, which the psychic said was the result of a spiritual sensation he could not explain;

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Release: 23 April 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 7.0/10
Director: Michael Scott
Writers: Susan A. Banks
Stars : Tatyana Ali, Sharif Atkins, Texas Battle