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Seclusion (2015)Seclusion:- Watch Seclusion full movie on Project Free Tv,Review-Part of the fun of what I do is to discover a new film or two. A film that has little to no talk about it, and then get exposed to it and feel when more see it, the film of films will pick up some steam and garner attention. Our first film is a new twist to that “cabin in the woods” film. Seclusion starts off with this group of people who gather in this cabin for a wedding. Right after the vows are over is when everything is about to change in this lovely gathering. Seclusion has an enthusiastic cast that really sell this film to us. The kills in this film are so well paced and beautifully delivered. This film gets points for thinking so cleverly. This film has a final sequence of events that really get us thinking about the ending. Which anytime a film in this genre can give you an ending to ponder and put thought in, the film did its job. The negatives for me were that the pacing felt a little off at times. While this film does a good job at delivering the kills, this film for the amount of talking we get, just does not have enough of them in there. This film either needed to extend the kill scenes or give us at least a few more. There is just so much dialogue that after a while, does get a little heavy. I wish this film would have thought a little outside of the perimeters of horror. The situations lend themself to cliche, as do the outcome. This film if anything is formulaic, that could be a good thing if you love the premise or a bad thing if you can close your eyes at the start of a scene and figure it out. Seclusion is not a bad film, it is a good little film that really for the most part kept my attention. If this film trimmed down 10 minutes of dialogue, I feel it could work a little bit better. That being said, I would recommend this film for the kills alone, and the acting for the most part really ignited this film to keep people involved. The negatives aside, this film will get people talking if they witness it and may be the start of a bright future.

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Mystery | Thriller | Horror
Release: 23 Oct 2015 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 4.0/10
Director: Joe Bandelli
Writers: Joe Bandelli
Stars : Matthew Wise, Clea Alsip, Duane Nakia Cooper