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Savannah SunriseSavannah Sunrise   :– Watch Savannah Sunrise full movie on Project Free Tv,It’s a step in INSP Network’s plan to broaden the appeal of its television network away from Christian programming. I first wrote about that move after a March 2015 interview with Doug Butts, INSP senior vice president of programming.Butts said then it was a move to build ratings for INSP Network, formerly known as The Inspiration Networks.Producer Gary Wheeler says there’s some redemption involved in the film, a favorite ingredient for many of INSP’s productions.“Even the actors became involved, refining the script to reflect their own experiences,” he says. “We all had a lot of fun with the script because the story includes both tense and humorous moments before unfolding into a heartwarming conclusion.”“Savannah Sunrise” will appear in a limited number of movie theaters May 5-22. It will premier on INSP on June 26.The story line involves the relationship between a successful woman and her mother-in-law during a road trip to Savannah from Louisville, Ky. That relationship starts tense but grows warmer as the women approach the end of their journey.Actor Shawnee Smith, whose credits include Becker and Anger Management, stars as the daughter-in-law named Joy Miles. Pamela Reed of Parks and Recreation and Kindergarten Cop plays the mother-in-law, Loraine.“Days of Our Lives” star Shawn Christian posted some photos on his website of the Augusta, Ga., area while the film was being shot there in late 2015.INSP won’t talk about whether the film received incentives from Georgia. Tara Brown, director of media relations for INSP Films, says no incentives came from the Carolinas, though.Brown also wouldn’t disclose the cost of the film.“As a matter of policy we do not include production cost information in our promotional materials,” she writes in an email to me.INSP, based at the City of Light development in Indian Land, is led by CEO David Cerullo.

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Comedy | Family
Release: 6 May 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 9.9/10
Director: Randall Stevens
Writers: James Mitchell, Thomas Torrey
Stars : Dave Blamy, Jason Burkey, Clare Carey