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RegReg :– Watch Reg full movie on Project Free Tv,from, I really don’t. Watching any one of his dramas based on real life stories – Hillsborough, about the football tragedy, or Dockers, based on the three-year Liverpool strike, or Common, outlining the iniquities of the joint enterprise law, and most other social outrages and miscarriages of justice in between – leaves me broken on the floor, and he just keeps burying himself in the next one and bringing new tales of love, loss, betrayal and devastation to our screens.Last night’s Reg (BBC1) is based on the story of Reg Keys, who stood for election in Sedgefield against Tony Blair in the 2005 general election. Two years previously, Keys’ 20-year-old son, Tom, had been killed by a group of Iraqi insurgents who ambushed him and five other military policemen in an abandoned station in Majar al-Kabir. Just ahead of the news breaking in the papers, Tom’s commander admitted to Reg that the Red Caps had been “descaled” – left with little ammunition or other weaponry and no portable communications after hostilities were officially declared over with the fall of Saddam Hussein. That, as Reg put it, he might have found possible to eventually forgive. But when the CIA’s Iraq Survey Group (ISG) report concluded that there had never been any weapons of mass destruction and that Keys’ son, and thousands like him, had been sent to war “on a lie, all on a lie”, he started campaigning against the prime minister and for recognition of the soldiers’ betrayal. “When you die in war,” he said, “there is no compassion. No whispers from a loving wife or mother. Just your mates’ screams and your killers’ snarling hatred.”Why the best British TV is fuelled by rage
Read moreThere wasn’t a weak moment in the film. From Tom’s mother, Sally (Anna Maxwell Martin, as quietly stellar as always), questioning the girlfriend he had in Iraq about the last time they had sex, in a heartbreaking drive to cling on to every last moment andscrap of knowledge about her lost son. To the array of vignetted opinions on the war and Blair that greet Keys and his fellow campaigners on the doorsteps of Sedgefield. To Keys’ speech on election night itself as Blair stood behind him, forced at last to listen to the bereaved instead of soaking up the celebratory applause of Washington. The drama was spliced with real-life footage – Tim Roth as Keys in the foreground, Blair’s real reactions behind

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Release: 06 June 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 7.1/10
Director: David Blair
Writers: Jimmy McGovern, Robert Pugh
Stars : Charlie Anson, Kelva Barrett, Tim Bentinck