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Red Sonja: Queen of PlaguesRed Sonja: Queen of Plagues      :- Watch  Red Sonja: Queen of Plagues  full movie on Project Free Tv,Comic book films are everywhere in today’s cinema. There’s actually a huge straight to video market, where storylines directly based on books are animated and sent straight to Blu-ray and DVD instead of to the big screen. Now there are two ways this is usually done. There are those that create their own style of animation tailored to fit the story being told, and crafting a new fully realized vision to animate these comic panels, which is the way I like. And then there are those that use what is called ‘motion comics,’ which is just taking the literal pages in the comics and adding motion to them. It doesn’t sound like that much of a difference, but in fact they couldn’t be more different.
I have seen a handful of animated adaptations of comics, but none have had the crippling problem of being made into a motion comic like this one has. I actually liked moving away from a traditional superhero adaptation, and going toward a medieval ‘Spartacus,’ or ‘Gladiator,’ only with a bad ass warrior woman as a lead.
Red Sonja (Misty Lee) is a steel plated, bikini wearing, kick ass warrior chick. She has the personaly of a typical drunken warrior male, only she’s a female. Sonja is asked to fight an impossible battle against a barbarian woman she once considered family named Dark Annisia (Becca Storm). By the end of the battle, Sonja is beaten to the verge of death and left to ponder the events that have brought her and Dark Annisia along such different paths. She then sets out to regain her strength and get her bloody revenge.I don’t think you could find a comic book with as many strong female characters as Red Sonja. Sonja is as strong a female as they come; we learn as part of her back story that she was a slave being forced to fight for the crowd’s enjoyment (a la ‘Spartacus,’ ‘Gladiator’). In fact, all the female characters in this film are bad ass warrior women, and that normally isn’t something you see every day in comics. For the most part, the voice acting by Misty Lee conveys the raw emotion that rules Sonja’s personality.
My one problem is a huge one, and that is the fact that this is a motion comic, which comes with a whole lot of drawbacks. There is no way to do this comic justice without buckets full of bloody violence. But it is all undercut by the fact that we are watching the literal comic frames with slight animation. This is a story that screams for an epic feel, and a motion comic does not have that feel. Every battle and every fight in this movie is stymied by the fact that this is a motion comic, to the point where it is crippling toward the feel this story wants to convey.

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Release: 02 Aug 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 3.7/10
Director: n/a
writers: : Gail Simone
Stars : Brendan Hansell, Shannon Kingston, Joshua Larsson