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ReclusionReclusion :- Watch Reclusion full movie on Project Free Tv,Reclusion is a creepy psychological horror thriller about Tim, who has lived as a shut in for years. When a young couple attempts to help re-socialize their recluse neighbor, they unleash a sinister force that preys upon the people who get close to him.A young couple awakens a terrible force when they attempt to socialize their reclusive neighbor.For me the key to the performance is that Hawkins always appears as if an invisible person has just whispered a hilarious joke in her ear and she’s struggling with all her might not to let anyone know. Optimism (or, at least, exuberance) in the face of dire circumstances is what makes a tragic life bearable, and the same can be said for watching this movie. If anyone other than Hawkins were in this film, it would be very hard to recommend. With her in virtually every scene, it is a lovely, tiny character study.When we first meet Maud (she’s only called Maudie once, at the end) she’s living with her aunt in Nova Scotia, her uncaring older brother having dumped her there after selling their parents’ house. She can’t take care of herself, she’s told, especially after “what’s happened”, and Maud, a morose collection of tics and stammers, sneaks out at night to attend jazz

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Release: 23 March 2016 (Australia)
IMDB Rating : 3.5/10
Director: : Norman Lesperance
writers: : Nicholas Bianchi
Stars : Nicholas Bianchi, Robin De Lano, Leann Donovan