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Range 15Range 15      :- Watch  Range 15  full movie on Project Free Tv,Such a great movie. I loved every minute of this. So much love for the Eiffel Tower Scene and I love all the veteran love and support this gives to the community. There is nothing I would change about it and now I have a fear of little people I never had before. Mat Best does an awesome job with all of his lines. Rocco definitely proves you can find love anywhere and JT well he’s Air Force. I would love to see any and all of these guys in more movies. JT does a great job in all of the film work that he is a part of and deserves thanks for getting Ross “Big D” Patterson to direct it. I had high expectations going into this movie and it knocked everyone one of them out of the park like Rhianna and Chris Brown in a car.A group of veterans wake up after a night of partying to find out that the zombie apocalypse has spread across the United States. Together, they must fight their way across the country in order to find a cure for the outbreak and restore freedom before it’s too late.ade for me. In fact that statement by Nick could not be more true in its message. This is a film made by veterans and for veterans. I think almost everyone in it, except for a few cameos, are veterans.Those who have served, especially the ones in combat roles, have a very dark senses of humor. When you drop young men in a third-world shit-hole and ask them to kill the enemy with extreme violence without a second thought, and then in the next second ask them to hand out a beanie baby, put a band-aid on a little girl or try to establish governance; the only way to maintain your sanity is to have dark humor. You have to laugh at some of the worse situations in order to not allow them to infect your sanity or distort your sense of morals.This type of dark humor is what carries this movie. Lets be honest here, this is not going to be an Oscar contender, nor did the guys who created this film think it would be. If American Sniper could not get an Oscar nod with all the box-office records it broke,

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Comedy | Horror
Release: 15 June 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 6.2/10
Director: Ross Patterson
writers: :Billy Jay, Nick Palmisciano
Stars : Mindy Robinson, William Shatner, Danny Trejo