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Rampage: President Down Rampage President Down :– Watch Rampage President Down full movie on Project Free Tv,Immediately after committing his rampage in Tenderville, Oregon, Bill Williamson disappeared and had been living off the grid for years with the money he stole from a bank during the massacre. The video recording of his rants about violent population control had since garnered millions of views and turns Bill into an Internet sensation. In the present day, Bill uses the stolen money to finance yet another killing spree, purchasing a number of weapons, including two fully automatic, military-grade M4 carbines, and constructing homemade explosives. After making final preparations for the killing spree, Bill shaves his head clean, dons his suit of body armor, and sets the interior of his house on fire. He drives to an alleyway and uses its cover to shoot several random pedestrians undetected, before trying to enter a bingo hall, only to leave after finding it is closed.Bill then travels to a television station in Washington, D.C., where he blows up his car and enters the building. Inside, he shoots the security guard and several employees with the carbines. He then holds the survivors, including news anchorman Chip Parker, hostage and forces them to a basement at gunpoint. He kills one of the hostages when he disregards one of his orders. Bill later gives Chip a disc and instructs him to go upstairs and air the contents of the disc nationwide, then return with a camera crew so they could do a live interview with him. Chip agrees and leaves the basement, where he relays his instructions to the responding police officers. However, while trying to air the disc, he accidentally slips and breaks the disc. He returns to the basement and tells Bill what had happened, and an agitated Bill gives him a duplicate of the disc.While Chip is gone, Bill criticizes one of the hostages for her personal life before killing her. He is then confronted by another hostage, who reveals herself to be the sister of one of the people he killed at Tenderville. When she expresses her intent to kill him, Bill forces a reluctant male hostage to beat her. Eventually, the contents of the disc are aired on live television; in it, Bill rants in a video recording about how the current system is flawed and that the U.S. government is manipulating American citizens and events for the sake of wealth. The video ends with Bill appealing to the American people to retaliate violently against politicians and the wealthy in order to restore society. Meanwhile, the officers manage to contact Bill’s father with the intention of using him to appeal to Bill.

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Action | Crime | Thriller
Release: 26 Aug 2016 (canada)
IMDB Rating : 5.5/10
Director: : Uwe Boll
writers: : Uwe Boll
Stars : Brendan Fletcher, Ryan McDonell, Steve Baran