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Prep SchoolPrep School      :- Watch  Prep School  full movie on Project Free Tv,When the star player of an elite prep school rugby team suffers an emotional collapse, his friends and teammates respond in their own ways, ranging from heroic to horrifying.Upon learning of his girlfriend’s infidelity, Greg, the star player of his elite private school’s rugby team, suffers an emotional breakdown, leaving his friends and teammates to pick up the pieces and deal with the crisis in their own ways, ranging from heroic to apathetic to downright horrifying.I’m conflicted on this one. If it weren’t for the third act, I probably would have given this movie about whiny Whit Stillman-style characters in a misanthropic Bret Easton Ellis-style world of high school sociopaths only about 2 1/2 stars but the third act, where director Sean Nichols Lynch decides to pull a “Kate Plays Christine” and goes meta on our proverbial asses as he turns his criticism on his own film and it’s own reason for existence saves this movie from utter shitdom and makes it kinda lowbrow brilliant.Most of the performances (sans the lovely and super famous Carly Schroeder) aren’t great and the movie looks terrible, with some of the worst cinematography I’ve seen in a film…ndré Robert Lee, 44, a filmmaker in New York, has been bluntly aware since he was a teenager of the limits on education to change the relationship between wealth and race. His film “Prep School Negro” is an autobiography of growing up as the son of a black garment factory worker and receiving a scholarship at the age of 14 to attend a mostly white, elite private high school outside of Philadelphia.

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Drama | Sport
Release: 5 July 2016 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 6.2/10
Director: Sean Nichols Lynch
writers: : Sean Nichols Lynch
Stars : Carly Schroeder, Taylor Lambert, Ben Bellamy