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Patton Oswalt Talking for ClappingPatton Oswalt Talking for Clapping :- Watch Patton Oswalt Talking for Clapping full movie on Project Free Tv,llowing a leisurely lunch in Hollywood, Patton Oswalt opened his fortune cookie and read the thin, white strip: “You have the strength to be a leader, not a follower.” Frowning quizzically, Oswalt said, “That’s not really a fortune, that’s more of a chiding.”Perhaps being named after one of the U.S.’s most accomplished generals (“My father had high hopes”) leads to a lifetime of trying to measure up to an impossible standard. But leave it to Oswalt to take a harmless bromide and turn it into a withering statement on not meeting one’s potential.Like us on Facebook to watch exclusive live video chats with TV stars from your favorite shows>>’Time Traveling Bong,’ a smoke-fueled miniseries on Comedy CentralAfter all, he’s made a very good living playing up his supposed shortcomings. In his new Netflix comedy special, “Talking for Clapping,” which premieres April 22, Oswalt, 47, laments his lack of basic home repair skills, and how he is presented on his BIRTHDAY with a mountain bike instead of allowing his desired slide into slothdom. “Sit down, do the crossword, let’s start you dying,” he says in the special. “That’s paradise.””Talking for Clapping” also serves as the latest installment in his personal time capsule. In past specials, Oswalt has chronicled the end of his bachelorhood, impending fatherhood, parental sleep deprivation and, in 2014’s “Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time,”the hope to get into good enough shape that he’s not the father who shows up years from now at his daughter’s high school graduation riding a Rascal scooter.”I’ll keep doing this until my last special is ‘I’m Going to Be Dead Soon, and Here’s What It Feels Like,'” he quipped.This time around, his concerns include his 6-year-old daughter’s potential mean-girl streak and his septuagenarian mom’s pill popping. “If you’re trying to be present as a comedian and trying to be honest about both yourself and how you’re reacting to your place in your world, there’s always going to be some alarm,” Oswalt said.Not to mention disappointment. In another segment, he bemoans that no matter your party affiliation, your politician of choice is going to let you down

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Release: 22 April 2016 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 6.8/10
Director: Patton Oswalt
Writers: Patton Oswalt
Stars : Patton Oswalt