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ParadoxParadox :– Watch Paradox full movie on Project Free Tv,Sean Nault is a detective in a world just like ours — except that magic rules the day and almost nothing is known of science. Someone is killing people using a device that can project a metal slug into the victim’s body, the lead revealing no trace of magic when subjected to analysis. Nault is in charge of the investigation, but is somewhat controversial for his non-use of magic in investigations, such as relying on his own perceptions to tell if a suspect is lying rather than using truth spells.While investigating the weapon’s possible origins, Nault encounters Winston Churchill, a 130-year-old sorcerer – one of the few people powerful enough to potentially cloak the spells powering such a weapon – who reveals the existence of a strange parallel universe where there is no magic but science rules supreme, and a way to cross between the two worlds. Churchill explains that the other world has apparently not developed magic due to the higher concentration of iron in that world. He also states that Nault is uniquely qualified to travel into the other world because he is one of the few people who does not have a counterpart in the ‘pragmatic’ world of science, allowing him to exist with equal ease in both worlds.When Churchill is injured by a bullet in a subsequent attack, he cannot be treated by magic due to the iron nature of the weapon, leaving Nault to team up with Lenore, a pragmatist — the local term for scientist — to carry out further investigations. Nault and Lenore travel into the other world after Churchill teaches the necessary spell of transference to Helen, the department’s necromancer (mortician), due to his own failing state.

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Action | Drama
Release: 15 April 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 4.6/10
Director: Michael Hurst
Writers: Michael Hurst
Stars : Zoë Bell, Malik Yoba, Adam Huss

Rates : 0