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Love Under New Management: The Miki Howard StoryLove Under New Management: The Miki Howard Story     :- Watch  Love Under New Management: The Miki Howard Story full movie on Project Free Tv,Dr Michael Mosley investigates Britain’s most secretive and controversial military research base, Porton Down, on its 100th anniversary. He comes face to face with chemical and biological weapons old and new, reveals the truth about shocking animal and human testing, and discovers how the latest science and technology are helping to defend us against terrorist attacks and rogue nations.Porton Down – also known as the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory – is where much of our top-secret military research is concentrated. It has a budget of £500m a year and employs more than 3,000 scientists. It is the most controversial, most misunderstood and, some say, most-feared scientific institution in Britain. Though many will have heard of Porton Down, few will have much idea about what goes on inside.
So I was delighted when I was invited to go behind the fence, make a documentary about the research that goes on there.Set in more than 7,000 acres of English countryside, Porton Down was created 100 years ago in response to the German gas attacks of World War One. The first of these attacks against British troops involved the use of chlorine. Thousands of soldiers, who had no idea what they were facing, suffered severe chemical burns or died in agony. Chlorine was soon joined by mustard gas and phosgene

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Release: 12 June 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 8.5/10
Director: Christine Swanson
Writers: Rhonda Baraka, Christine Swanson
Stars : Teyonah Parris, Gary Dourdan, Darius McCrary