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Odd Squad: The MovieOdd Squad The Movie   :– WatchOdd Squad The Movie  full movie on Project Free Tv,is July, TVO and Sinking Ship Entertainment have joined with Cineplex Entertainment to bring Odd Squad: The Movie to theatres across Canada. A live-action educational series, Odd Squad features kid agents who solve math-related mysteries CSI-style. This is the first film for the award-winning series, designed to help kids aged 5 to 8 build their math, problem-solving, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) skills.Odd Squad: The Movie jumps off from the Season 1 finale, with agents Olive and Otto joining forces to defeat Odd Todd, a former agent turned villain. When the two leave to run their own squad, two new agents, Olympia and Otis, take their place. In the movie, Olympia and Otis are rivaled by a group of grown-ups, Weird Team, who are led by Weird Tom, played by 30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer. Armed with their wits, math abilities, and problem-solving skills, Olympia and Otis devise a plan to take back what’s theirs.Odd Squad: The Movie will play in 90 theatres across Canada on Saturday, July 16 at 11 am and is part of Cineplex’s Family Favourites program. Tickets are available at up to the film’s release, Odd Squad: Season 2 premieres on TVO beginning on Tuesday, June 21 at 4:55 pm. Season 2 features more creatures, gadgets, and odd occurrences to investigate, and agents Olympia and Otis, who are ready to solve the case. With math concepts embedded in each of their assignments, the agents problem-solve together and use their STEAM skills to set things right. Throughout the summer, episodes of Odd Squad: Season 2 will air on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:55 pm and repeat Saturdays and Sundays at 9:15 am. Odd Squad: Season 2 will also be available on and on TVOKids’ YouTube channel.”Odd Squad teaches kids key math skills in the most entertaining way, making learning fun and engaging,” said Marney Malabar, Director, Kids TV, TVO. “A CSI-style series, Odd Squad makes math approachable, inspiring a love of STEAM in kids and setting them up for success both inside and outside the classroom.”“Spoiler alert: Odd Squad: The Movie is epic and Season 2 will blow audiences away!” said J.J. Johnson, Director of the Odd Squad movie, Executive Producer of Odd Squad and partner at Sinking Ship Entertainment. “Fans should expect everything they loved in the first season but now on an even bigger scale. In the film, the Odd Squad agents are in for their biggest adventure yet: from a gigantic mouse ravaging a cheese festival to a battle in outer space, you won’t want to miss it!”The release of Odd Squad: The Movie and Odd Squad: Season 2 are part of TVOKids’ Summer of Odd. Kids can stay entertained while learning throughout the summer months, with new episodes of popular children’s series airing in new time slots. TVOKids’ full summer schedule is available on

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Comedy | Family
Release: 16 July 2016 (Canada)
IMDB Rating : 7.1/10
Director: J.J. Johnson
Writers: Timothy McKeon
Stars : Sam Ashe Arnold, Madeleine Barbeau, Dalila Bela