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NumbNumb :- Watch Numb full movie on Project Free Tv,An ill-fated treasure hunt in subzero temperatures sends only intermittent chills through the audience in “Numb.” Charting the predictably grim fallout when four unlikely gold seekers venture into the frigid wilderness of northern British Columbia, director Jason R. Goode’s low-budget survival thriller shows a plucky resourcefulness in some respects, but also a tendency toward contrivance and overstatement in others; there are precious few mysteries left to divine about these thinly drawn characters and their desperate motives by the time they’ve reached their destination. A starring role for Jamie Bamber reps the pic’s best shot at locating an indie theatrical/VOD niche; until then, further midnight and genre festival bookings await.Unemployed for months and about to lose his home in Vancouver, Will (Bamber) heads to some far-flung northern town with his wife, Dawn (Stefanie von Pfetten), to accept the job that they hope will ensure their survival. But times are hard all around, and when he learns the company has instead reneged on its agreement, Will is too devastated to break the news to his wife. During their long, snowy drive back to Vancouver, Will impulsively picks up two hitchhiking siblings, to Dawn’s near-immediate regret: Cheryl (Marie Avgeropoulos) proves sharp-tongued and abrasive, and her brother, Lee (Aleks Paunovic), turns out to be a recently released ex-con.Lee is also something of a backseat philosopher, the type of person who doesn’t believe in coincidences and thinks that fortune favors the bold. And so when Will makes yet another ill-advised altruistic pickup — this time, a barely conscious elderly man who promptly succumbs to hypothermia — Lee believes they’ve had a stroke of luck. Not only does the dead man have a few grand in his wallet, but he also has a slip of paper containing what appear to be GPS coordinates. And when some quick Googling confirms his identity as a bank robber, Lee and Cheryl are certain that the coordinates (which point ot a location just 30 miles or so away) will lead them straight to a stash of $4 million in gold that was never recovered by police. Will balks at first, but Dawn, seeing a permanent way out of financial ruin, insists they go along.It’s an improbably convenient setup whose details are dispensed rather too hastily in Andre Harden’s script, perhaps on the assumption that the quicker the delivery, the less inclined we’ll be to question plausibility. “Numb” is eager to get its characters on the miles-long trek into the freezing-cold middle of nowhere, a journey that looks increasingly foolhardy with every step: While they do have some handy tools and weapons on hand (keep an eye out for Chekhov’s flare gun), their coats won’t shield them forever as they retreat further and further into the woods. And naturally, there are any number of obstacles along the way, including a sheer cliff that comes out of nowhere, plus a creepy local trapper (Colin Cunningham) whose remote cabin they have the misfortune to stumble upon.Admirably avoiding cheap “gotcha” scares, “Numb” isn’t especially effective at mounting suspense and tension over the long haul, and moments that should pack a bigger punch — the slip of a foot, the slip of a knife — seem to fizzle on impact. The construction, editing and pacing of scenes here suggest a director and crew that haven’t entirely mastered their terrain,

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Mystery | Thriller
Release: 2 March 2016 (Canada)
IMDB Rating : 6.6/10
Director: Jason R. Goode
Writers: Andre Harden
Stars : Jamie Bamber, Marie Avgeropoulos, Aleks Paunovic