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NewcomerNewcomer      :- Watch  Newcomer  full movie on Project Free Tv,LONDON — Variety has been given exclusive access to the trailer for Kai Barry’s spy thriller “Newcomer,” which has been selected to open the U.K.’s Raindance Film Festival.The film, which stars James Floyd (“My Brother the Devil”), Anthony LaPaglia (“Without a Trace”) and Noemie Merlant, centers on Alex, the newest member of a special ops team working for the U.S. government. When his first mission goes disastrously wrong, his bosses think he has betrayed them. He is forced to go on the run, and try to find out what really happened.The producer is Srdjan Stakic and the executive producer is Brian Kavanaugh-Jones. The cinematographer is Erol Zubcevic. Content Media is handling international sales rights on the movie.Raindance runs from Sept. 23-Oct. 4.Our interest was piqued once the trailer ran and James Floyd said a few words at the Raindance media day. We read the production notes, and the belief and passion is evident every time creator Elliot Grove speaks. However, the Raindance opening gala film and world premiere of Kai Barry’s spy thriller Newcomer puts the importance of independent film and those who support it into glaring perspective.James Floyd’s Alex is a young man with a hard-knock past who thinks he has finally found a place in the world. Testing his unique personal skills and placing him in a position of trust in the world of industrial espionage, it even comes with a ready-made family – especially mentor Daniel, played to profound effect by Anthony La Paglia. Alex’s maiden mission with the crack quartet on the streets of a wintry Serbia goes disastrously wrong between one second and the next. Seeing the entire team dead, possibly through a mistake he made, a reeling, grieving Alex heads off into the night. The local authorities quickly lock down the scene, barring access to everyone, so that there are only questions by the time Alex makes contact with HQ. They have only the audio from the mission, the disappearance of the team and Alex’s report to work with. It’s not long before suspicion falls on him and a brutal interrogation is ordered. Haunted by Daniel’s advice, Alex escapes, determined to ‘fix this

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Crime | Drama | Thriller
Release: 23 September 2015 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 5.9/10
Director: Kai Barry
writers: : Iqbal Ahmed
Stars : James Floyd, Noémie Merlant, Anthony LaPaglia