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Mother May I Sleep with DangerMother, May I Sleep with Danger? :– Watch Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? full movie on Project Free Tv,Mother, Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? is a 1996 television film starring Tori Spelling and Ivan Sergei.Laurel (Spelling) has the boyfriend of her dreams, Kevin (Sergei). He can and will do anything for her. He is totally devoted to her but the downside is that he won’t leave her alone. When she tries to get some distance he responds with aggression. It finally dawns on Laurel that he is not good for her. Laurel’s mother Jessica has already started to suspect that something is wrong with his background.Lifetime announced a remake of the film in December 2015 with James Franco serving as executive producer. The plot involved a young woman who falls for another woman who happens to have a vampire form. The remake starred Leila George as Leah, Emily Meade as Pearl, Nick Eversman as Bob, with James Franco, Ivan Sergei, Emma Rigby, and Tori Spelling as Leah’s mother Julie.[1] In April 2016 Vulture revealed that Franco had reimagined the film as a “a same-sex vampire love story.”[2] Franco had stated that he was partly inspired by Will Ferrell’s Lifetime movie A Deadly Adoption to make “a very non-Lifetime movie on Lifetime.”It first aired on the Lifetime Network on Saturday, June 18, 2016.Although Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? was billed as a 20th-anniversary remake of the Tori Spelling camp-classic TV movie, all James Franco’s Lifetime version really had in common with the original was the title, Spelling’s, um, acting, co-star Ivan Sergei and a heaping helping of cheese. Gone was 1996’s obsessed boyfriend, and in his place was a softhearted lesbian vampire. Was it a change for the better? Did the redo “suck”? You already know I thought it was hilarious. So let’s go over the nonsensical plot, then you can take a turn grading it and offering your own critique in the comments.

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Release: 18 June 2016 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 5.3/10
Director: Melanie Aitkenhead
Writers: Amber Coney
Stars : James Franco, Tori Spelling, Emily Meade