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Miss TeacherMiss Teacher   :– Watch Miss Teacher full movie on Project Free Tv,“Miss Teacher” is a C grade movie and focusses adult audiences. It is the story of a seductive nymphomaniac teacher who lures her students and uses them for her own pleasure. KamalikaChanda will be playing the role of the naughty teacher. Jai Prakash who is known for giving directions for movies like “Saajan Ki Baahon Mei”, “Chaahat – EkNasha” and “Market” has returned with “Miss Teacher” to capture the attention of a specific class of audience. The official trailer of the movie is out and a number of adult scenes have been included which is expected from a C grade movie.However sex is not only what is included in the movie, there is also going to be lots of drama and thrill in the form of betrayals. So if you are bored of straightforward adult scripts, this may be interesting for you. Also Kamlika will be seen engaging in lesbian sex with “Machhli Jal Ki Rani Hai” actress Resham Thakkar apart from other adult scenes. Talking about the visuals, cinematography is okay based on the category of the movie but the screenplay is quite impressive. Songs list of “Miss Teacher” includes “She is A Bomb” and “Jism Jaan Ki jaroorat Hai”. You can watch the trailer and listed songs on YouTube. All in all “Miss Teacher” does promise hardcore sex scenes but will the movie be able to grab the attention of the targeted audience. We will find out on 18th March. Hope you liked the article!

More Information about the Movie Miss Teacher (2016)

Release: 18 March 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 4.1/10
Director: Jai Prakash
Writers: Jai Prakash
Stars : Kamalika Chanda, Rahul Sharma, Resham Thakkar