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Make Happy (2016)Make Happy:- Watch Make Happy full movie on Project Free Tv,A couple of weeks ago Bo Burnham posted a trailer for his new Netflix special Make Happy on his Facebook page. A fan commented, “I watched this live in Boston. I don’t think this is even comedy anymore. It’s great, but after going to the show I was felt like I was walking out of a mind-bending movie more than a ‘comedy’ show, and I loved it. Excited to see the Netflix version.” The Netflix version premiered today and that fan’s assessment is quite accurate. It’s not just a comedy special. It’s a multi-layered, theatrical piece of one-man performance art. In watching it, it feels like Bo Burnham has something to prove, but to nobody other than himself. I talked to Burnham about the process of building Make Happy, how his act is an exercise in biting the hand that feeds him, and the significance of January 17th, 2024.This is another high-concept special for you. There’s a lot going on in it. When you finished what. did you get a sense that you had to top yourself for the next one?I didn’t feel like I had to top myself, really. I was thinking of taking a break for a while and then getting back into it. It kind of snuck up on me. On what. I felt like I was experimenting with all these new things: lights, backing tracks, things I had never worked with before. It was me finding my footing with those things. As I dug into this new show it was like, “I think I’ve figured out how to use these things. It would be nice to fill the whole show with these things from the beginning.” Basically, when I toured what. I wrote all these bits and near the end I was like, “How can we put lights and stuff on top of this and make it a show?” Every venue we would go in and see what they had to work with. With this one I wanted to try to make a show where the production was thought of from the beginning, written with the tech in mind. We tested the show with lights and we traveled with the same gear. We used the same lights for the special that we did for a year and a half of touring. I traveled with a lighting guy and a sound guy for the first time. So for me it wasn’t about topping anything as much as it was just trying to make something work better. I found something last time and wanted to do it again and a little bit better. So I guess maybe a little bit of topping. But I always immediately hate everything I just did. It’s more like I just wanted to do something that I don’t cringe at any more. I’ll probably feel that way in a couple years about this.

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Comedy | Music
Release: 03 June 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 8.3/10
Director: Bo Burnham, Christopher Storer
Writers: Bo Burnham
Stars : Bo Burnham