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Luke CageLuke Cage Season 6 Episode 5 “Just to Get a Rep ”:- Watch Luke Cage Season 6 Episode 1 “Chapter 5” on Projectfreetv,Describing Cage, Colter said, “He’s a neighborhood hero, very much linked to New York and Jessica Jones. It’s all part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but Luke Cage is a darker, grittier, more tangible character than Iron Man or Thor. He likes to keep things close to his chest, operate on the hush-hush. He has these abilities but he’s not sure how and when to use them.[4] Later elaborating, Colter said, “He’s a renaissance man, he’s trying to better himself and there’s something to be said about someone who’s always trying to make themselves better, trying to change.”[9] Colter noted that the character’s catch phrase ‘Sweet Christmas’ would be used in the series, saying “I was afraid of that phrase, but it actually fits so well, I don’t know why, I don’t know why it fits so well into Luke’s mouth.”[6] However, the phrase is used sparingly, with the character often “opting instead for pensive silence”; composer Adrian Younge said, “He’s a black superhero, but he’s a different type of black alpha male. He’s not bombastic. You rarely see a modern black male character who is soulful and intelligent.”[10] David Ausin and Clifton Cutrary portray a young and teenage Lucas, respectively.

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Action | Crime | Drama
Release: 30 September 2016
IMDB Rating : 8.7/10
Director: Marc Jobst
Writers: Archie Goodwin
Stars : Mike Colter, Mahershala Ali, Simone Missick