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Let's Be EvilLet’s Be Evil     :– Watch  Let’s Be Evil full movie on Project Free Tv,Adepts of tech Newspeak will immediately recognize the title of this movie as an unsubtle play on Google’s in-house corporate ethos slogan, “Don’t Be Evil.” Not the cleverest usurpation of a concept, and the movie, directed and written by Martin Owen from “an original idea” (so original it gets its own opening credit card) by executive producer Jonathan Willis, steadily maintains that lack throughout. Not a great thing if your aim is to make a satirically pointed sci-fi horror movie.At least that’s what I think this thing was supposed to be. After a badly staged simulation of an issue-driven chat show, in which an agitated male predicts a generation of uneducated obese kids, the movie cuts to a scene out of one of those debt-consolidation television commercials. A stack of envelopes with “Past Due” stamped in red sits atop the blond faux wood grain of a generic kitchen table. An ailing older woman is seen through an open bedroom door, and a young woman outside that door takes a phone call, while her computer screen silently shows the music video for Kim Wilde’s “Kids in America.” 1994, what a year that was. Why this Millennial, named Jenny, has much interest in it is a question that will, sort of, be addressed. Non-cleverly. The phone call is for a job prospect—ah, overdue-bill problem perhaps solved!—at something called the Posterity Project. Jenny (Elizabeth Morris, one of the film’s co-writers) eagerly makes the appointment, only to meet with obfuscation once inside the designated building. The “there’s no Posterity Project” here bit is the first of several something-is-happening-but-she-don’t-know-what-it-is jabs to which the movie never ends up delivering meaningful follow-ups.Eventually Jenny gets situated, and meets her coworkers, or rather co-candidates—the appointment is for a job audition, and the job is “chaperoning” a group of academically gifted students enrolled in the Project’s Augmented Reality education program. This being the, or an, ostensible solution to the fat-kid problem the fellow in the opening scene was ranting about. All the participants in the program wear virtual reality glasses, and mu

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Release: 05 Aug 2016 (Canada)
IMDB Rating : 6.2/10
Director: Martin Owen
writers: : Elizabeth Morris, Martin Owen
Stars : Kara Tointon, Jamie Bernadette, Isabelle Allen