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Last Days in the Desert Last Days in the Desert :– Watch Last Days in the Desert full movie on Project Free Tv,A filmmaker known primarily for his perceptive melodramas about women, from “Things You Can Tell Just By Looking at Her” to “Mother and Child,” now turns his attention to a primal tale of fathers and sons — including the Son of Man himself — in “Last Days in the Desert,” a quietly captivating and remarkably beautiful account of Jesus’ time in the wilderness before the beginning of his ministry. Deliberately paced, sparely imagined and suffused with mystery, writer-director Rodrigo Garcia’s seventh feature is nonetheless quite lucid and accessible in its themes of empathy, compassion and sacrifice, and grounded by a Christ/Satan dual performance by Ewan McGregor that plays vastly better onscreen than it sounds on paper. While many will find the drama as arid as its parched surroundings, with a thoughtful and concerted marketing approach the picture might well appeal to art-minded nonbelievers and Christians open-minded enough to accept an off-Scripture narrative.Certain to elicit the full range of reactions from the faithful and the skeptical alike, “Last Days in the Desert” approaches the figure of Christ — or Yeshua, as he’s referred to here — with tremendous care and tact, yet also with a scrupulous focus on his humanity rather than his divinity. Some may well discern a connection with “The Last Temptation of Christ,” though there’s nothing here that even remotely approaches that film’s controversy-stirring elements. This is a hushed, austere and surpassingly gentle treatment of a brief chapter of Jesus’ life — probably too subdued and speculative for those inclined to find profundity in the self-glorifying “realism” of “The Passion of the Christ,” but a vastly more considered and spiritually probing picture in every respect.We first encounter Yeshua (McGregor), his face grubby and his robes tattered, kneeling before a craggy expanse of desert that he has presumably wandered for nearly 40 days. “Father, where are you?” he utters softly, perhaps raising initial fears that Garcia’s script will borrow liberally from the collected whispers of Terrence Malick. But while there is some shared talent with “The Tree of Life” — an actor, Tye Sheridan, and a cinematographer, the great Emmanuel Lubezki — the dialogue here remains relatively sparse, even after Yeshua happens upon a father (Ciaran Hinds), his wife (Ayelet Zurer) and son (Sheridan) living in a small, isolated encampment. Accepting water from them but declining food, “the holy man,” as the father calls him, prepares to take his leave, but feels oddly compelled to stay behind — due to his innate love for humanity, one gathers, but also perhaps due to some intangible sense that all is not quite well.

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Drama | Adventure | History
Release: 26 May 2016 (Brazil)
IMDB Rating : 6.2/10
Director: Rodrigo García
Writers: Rodrigo García
Stars : Ewan McGregor, Ciarán Hinds, Tye Sheridan