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Krampus UnleashedKrampus Unleashed :- Watch Krampus Unleashed full movie on Project Free Tv,I’m a sucker for Krampus, the horned and hoofed anti-Santa of Alpine folklore who’s been cropping up a lot in Christmas horror movies for the past few years. In Robert Conway‘s new indie feature Krampus Unleashed, the yuletide demon is awoken on Christmas Eve in the American Southwest, where he’ll quench his bloodlust on an unsuspecting family’s holiday reunion.The film opens with a text prologue that explains that in 1898 after terrorizing the American Southwest for most of the decade, a German-born outlaw by the name of Eric Klaus finally had the law on his heels. Before disappearing, Klaus buried his loot in the desert, leaving with it a warning to those who would follow his trail, heeding them to stay clear of what he’s hidden, for the person who disturbs it will unleash a hell on earth for themselves.Less than a century later, a group of fortune hunters are following Klaus’ desert trail, hungry to get their hands on what they believe is valuable treasure. Just as they start to think they might be on a fool’s errand, they discover the spot where Klaus buried his loot, but instead of gold or jewels, there’s just a smooth black rock. On it is a message, which one of the men can read, realizing that they likely have released a great evil. And guess what? They have, b

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Release: 01 November 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 3.6/10
Director: : Robert Conway
writers: : Robert Conway
Stars : Amelia Brantley, Bryson Holl, Caroline Lassetter