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K-ShopK-Shop :- Watch K-Shop full movie on Project Free Tv,The son of a kebab shop owner avenges his father’s death at the hands the marauding drunks who lay waste to his shop each night. Student-turned-vigilante Salah (Ziad Abaza) disposes of the evidence one “special” doner at a time. This is Sweeney Todd reimagined for the Brit binge-drinking generation. It’s a cross between a thriller and an outraged tabloid article about the perils of alcopops. But this short film idea can’t sustain a feature, no matter how much chilli sauce and cranial trauma you pack into it.Writer and director Dan Pringle’s first feature length film, K-Shop, is a thoroughly interesting and comic look at the frightening and realistic state of binge drinking in Britain. K-Shop, offers a distinct blood-tingling insight into the dark side of club culture and much like Rob Hackett’s short, Boris in the Forest, utilises the same narrative framework of Sweeney Todd, minus its musicality.Pringle himself has tagged his film a contemporary ‘Sweeney Todd thriller’, and much like Sweeney Todd, K-Shop, could well become equally as well known. Filmed in the same vein as other British cult film classics, Severance and Dog Soldiers, Pringle’s film employs a unique blend of humour and violence to create an unsettling thriller that keeps you glued to your seat. Other than the tone of the film, what also keeps you glued to your seat is the pace at which Pringle’s film moves. Its plot and narrative accelerates evermore increasingly, and although this works for the comedic timing of the film, it also skips over pivotal sections of the film that deserved more screen time. One of K-Shop’s biggest flaws is that its plot point fails to establish the believable motivation for its protagonist’s actions. When Salah’s father does die, the film doesn’t give enough time for the audience to process Salah’s emotions or reactions, which makes everything that follows slightly less realistic.

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Release: 22 July 2016 (Uk)
IMDB Rating : 6.8/10
Director: Dan Pringle
Writers: Dan Pringle
Stars : Ewen MacIntosh, Harry Reid, Reece Noi