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Interstellar WarsInterstellar Wars :- Watch Interstellar Wars full movie on Project Free Tv,From a giant portal behind the dark side of the moon aliens starts an attack on earth. From a secret underground base scientists try to find a way to fight the aliens. Time is of the essence as people are dying and soon the aliens have full control.Deep, deep into the 169-minute running time of ‘Interstellar’ is a scene in which astronaut pilot Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) must dock a spaceship with another, larger, out of control spinning space ship. The solution is to spin the smaller ship at the same speed, so that the effect makes it looks like both crafts aren’t spinning at all. So, by spinning everything out of control, it manipulates the situation into looking normal. This is also an apt description of the style of ‘Interstellar’ director, Christopher Nolan.Nolan rose to fame with 2000’s ‘Memento,’ a film that famously shows its scenes in reverse order. A nice trick that, in the hands of a less capable filmmaker – or, say, an episode of ‘Seinfeld’ – might be perceived as a stunt, but Nolan turned it into a structured plot device. Everything was thrown so out of whack, that, eventually we, as an audience – just like the spinning space crafts — started spinning with the film, to the point it eventually all seemed normal.Nolan also directed three superhero films in which not one person has a super power of any kind. By standing the superhero genre on its head and shaking out all of the excess nonsense, he made – arguably; with a lot of the heavy lifting done by ‘The Dark Knight’ alone — the best standalone superhero trilogy ever put to film. An actor appearing in one of Nolan’s superhero movies won an Oscar. That is almost a ludicrous statement today – could you imagine anyone from a Marvel movie winning an Oscar — but, at the time, in Nolan’s world, it all seemed normal.‘Interstellar’ will most often be compared to Nolan’s 2010 film, ‘Inception’ — a movie that takes the whole idea of dreams and dreams within dreams to create a world that’s so foreign, yet based in a heightened scientific reality. (Soon after seeing ‘Inception,’ I read about how to have lucid dreams. After some time, it worked, but my lucid dreams were never as interesting as what we see in ‘Inception.’ Most of the time I just wanted to wake up.)

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Release: 12 July 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 5.4/10
Director: Marlene Mc’Cohen
writers: : Robert Ryan
Stars : Brian Lally, Marlene Mc’Cohen, Robert Woods