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IncallIncall   :– Watch Incall    full movie on Project Free Tv,Incall is billed as a cult horror movie, which is why I initially agreed to watch it. “Cult horror movie” is a series of trigger words that will automatically make me want to watch something. I might want to start re-evaluating what I watch after being honeydicked by this movie.Incall was written/directed by Brock Riebe. He also is the star of the movie, playing Kasey Keind, a debt collector who moonlights as a masseuse. He performs “incall” massages at his home (hence the name of the movie), and one session goes horribly wrong, ending with the death of one of his clients.he character Marco (played by Ben Muller) is entertaining at times.  This is mainly due to the fact that he is the only character in the movie who realizes how ridiculous the premise of the movie is. He also is a mildly crafty criminal which gives a semblance of depth to the character.This movie is two hours, twenty-two minutes, and forty-nine seconds long. Holy shit!! But the funny thing is that it feels at least twice that long as it has the pacing of a crippled sloth. Two hour movies are tough for seasoned directors to pull off, even with a talented cast. You could probably cut a solid hour and twenty minutes out of this movie and still get to the same place at the end. It would still be just as bad but at least you would get to that conclusion in less time.

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Release: 01 January 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 2.1/10
Director: Brock Riebe
Writers: Brock Riebe
Stars : : Brock Riebe, Ben Muller, Lillian Lamour