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I Know Where Lizzie IsI Know Where Lizzie Is   :- WatchI Know Where Lizzie Is full movie on Project Free Tv,After a 15-year-old is kidnapped, a psychic comes forward and claims she can find the girl. At first the parents are elated, but it soon becomes clear that the psychic has her own agenda.Lizzie Holden is a typical 15-year-old teen who lives in a beautiful home with her mother, Judith Holden. Though her parents are divorced, they have a good relationship and constantly look out for each other.On what seems like any normal day, Lizzie disappears into thin air after a fight with her mother. Now, Judith and her ex-husband Martin Holden are in full panic mode as they try to find out who took Lizzie.It appears that Lizzie was snatched by a masked kidnapper, and after 36 hours, the police holds a press conference, hoping that someone will come forward with information.During the press conference, Martin stuns the crowd when he says that he is willing to pay $2 million dollars to find his daughter. Then, Tracy Spencer, a renowned psychic, boasts that she knows that Lizzie is alive. Though the police quickly usher her away from the crowd, Judith wants to speak with her to find out what she knows.By now, The Martins are desperate to find any trace of Lizzie, and they hang on to psychic Tracy’s every word. However, the police believe that something is off about Tracy, causing them to launch a search of her home. Plus, the police are finding new clues that were not there during the first search.Meanwhile, Tracy continues saying that Lizzie is alive but is being held against her will, causing Martin Holden to almost blow his top as he demands that Tracy give them an exact location. Now, Martin believes that the psychic is doing nothing more than exploiting them. But one tenacious reporter believes that Lizzie’s stepmother and the psychic may have a hidden agenda.As for being inspired by a true story, that’s always possible when you consider the many psychics who have been arrested for exploiting needy families who are desperate for some sort of information. In many of these cases, the psychics do not have true facts and often want money. However, in past investigations, there have been psychics who have provided information that have led to solving a case.One that comes to mind is someone you wouldn’t call a psychic per se but, some years ago, a woman named Shay Nohr found the location of a missing teen named Laura Hatch, according to The Telegraph. Shay Nohr could actually see the location in a dream or a vision that she had about Laura Hatch’s disappearance. Hatch was eventually returned to her mother unharmed. The Lifetime movie based on the case was called Seventeen And Missing.

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Crime | Thriller
Release: 10 April 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 5.0/10
Director: Darin Scott
Writers: Kendall Clark
Stars : Nadia Bjorlin, Richard Ruccolo, Vanessa Evigan