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I Didn't Kill My SisterI Didn’t Kill My Sister :– Watch I Didn’t Kill My Sister full movie on Project Free Tv,Hearing about a murder can be very upsetting, even if it’s in the context of a movie. And when that murder may have been committed by someone close to the victim? That’s even more disturbing. Considering its title, you’ll probably want to know if Lifetime’s I Didn’t Kill My Sister is based on a true story before you watch it this Saturday night at 8 p.m. Just how nerve-wracking will this movie be?Don’t worry, I Didn’t Kill My Sister doesn’t seem to be inspired by any true story. It hasn’t been promoted by Lifetime as such and doesn’t appear on the page of the network’s website dedicated to real-life stories. Still, that doesn’t mean it won’t deliver some intense twists and turns. I Didn’t Kill My Sister tells the story of a murdered news anchor — and the suspected sister who swears she didn’t do it. Said suspected sister then goes on a crusade to find her sister’s true killer and prove her own innocence.

More Information about the Movie I Didn’t Kill My Sister (2016)

Release: 2016 (Usa)
IMDB Rating : 5.1/10
Director: Jason Bourque
Writers: Jason Bourque
Stars : Gina Holden, Nicholle Tom, Peter Benson

Rates : 0